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I caught a meditite and named him Chama-Chama
Medicham has horrible stats in the first place, but Mega Medicham has only 100 speed, 100 attack, and has 510 base stat total, so even a mere togekiss outperforms it.
Is he even a good choice? Or was adding a mega evolution to him just a filler?

Is this in-game or competitive wise?
'K, never mind. xD

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Mega Medicham has Huge Power. So assuming you max out it's pretty average ATK stat to 328, you have one hell of a monster. Huge Power doubles the attack stat bring it to a maximum of 656 (highest attack stat in the game par mega mawile). This is higher than most Pokemon with Choice Band. Pair this with a pretty sweet 100 speed and deadly base 130 power stab in Hi Jump Kick, you have one hell of a sweeper.

Its defiantly a good Pokemon, no doubt about it. To put it into perspective, in reality it actually has a base ATK of around 300 and a base speed of 100 which is far from bad.

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If only you could scarf it...
IKR :( Maybe a little broken however :P
To think giving it a Choice Band would bring its attack up to around 1000 O.O
That would be horrible to battle XD
1) A LITTLE broken?!?!
2) 1000 base Atk Bullet Punch...Scizor who? XD
Mega Medicham is so broken.
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I think I'll just put this here to try and answer.


16% to a 150 base Defense resist should tell you how good it is.
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I think he is a good tank that's what I used him for

I don't want to sound rude but you do know what a tank is right? A tank is usually a slow Pokemon with good defenses and good ATK. Mega Medicham is a very fast Pokemon with horrible defenses :P It won't be taking any hits ever, its a glass cannon lol