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Well I don’t think audino should of got a mega because you know? Flygon deserves one

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I think this question is too opinionated.
I answered the question :)
Just saw this asker’s other question. With that context, this question is probably asking in terms of competitive, which should be fine.
I hear it's amazing in Hackmons.
Isn't Imposter Blissey the best Hackmon?

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Honestly mega Audino wasn’t the best, but it was ok, hear me out.

I do agree that soooo many other Pokemon deserved a mega evolution over Audino, flygon included, I honestly have no idea why Audino was chosen. However, in competitive you’ll find that if used effectively (especially in double battles) Audino can be a decent support Pokemon. Audino really isn’t the best attacker but in double battles it is a good support, although i’ll Admit that Pokemon like blissey and even gardevoir a way better, but it’s always a nice surprise to have a competitive audino/mega audino come and confuse your whole team with sweetkiss, heal itself with draining kiss, and use substitute instead of just fainting! (Sorry I got really beaten down by one recently), and it has a decent hp.

Really though this is just a matter of opinion, and as much as I might want to sometimes, I can’t undo the fact that audino has a mega evolution, so we can just hope that other Pokemon have mega evolutions in the next gen.

Just because a Pokemon is surprising doesn't mean it's good. Opponents who prepare for Chansey or Tapu Fini can just as easily defeat an Audino. Sweet kiss is a bad move this generation because it has low accuracy, and confused Pokemon have only a 1/3 chance to hit themselves. Healing moves are not very useful because opponents can easily overwhelm an Audino by double-targeting it. Audino also needs to hold a mega stone and prevents teammates from mega evolving.