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I can't decide between these two.Mienshao has higher base Attack and Speed than Mega Medicham but has lower Defence and HP.If it helps you,this is my team:

And can you please also give the moveset for the Pokemon you think is better for my team?


PS: You get destroyed by water type.
You should get a better rating in the RMT instead, they will remove certain pokemon and add in more suitable ones, and really, it's better to not choose either Mega Medicham ot Mienshao in the last slot, it should rather be something that can cover your weaknesses better, you really don't need another fighting type with Terrakion around.
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This team can be tremendously worked upon, there are a number of flaws in it.
>PS: You get destroyed by water type.
6 minutes ago by FrenzyTorterra

He's right, and that's not all of it though so...

However that sounds better in the RMT section, so I'm simply going to state the better one.
Mega Medicham
Pure Power
252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
Psycho Cut
High Jump Kick
Ice Punch
Fake Out (If doubles) / Substitute (If singles)

This Pokemon was chosen mainly because it gives your tema overall better coverage, and unlike Mienshao, can hit hard and in some cases, even tank a hit to counter.
However, the best choice is to not choose either, go with a special attacker/wall instead.

Hope I helped!

You should also mention that he should use another mega.
All that sounds too RMT-ish. I already suggested all that in one line below (the one in italics). That line meant that this team cannot be fixed by adding just one more pokemon, the whole team might need some renovation. Mostly in Terrakion I'm guessing.
Really I'm not the guy who really strays away from the topic, I like having it point-to-point, so yeah, I didn't recommend anything else and just did the comparison.
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It depends if you are using Medicham as your mega for sure.

But to answer, you should definitely go for Medicham. It has Pure Power which basically makes its attack 200 as a mega. If it is the speed you are worried about than don't worry, Medicham gets Bullet Punch. And it has all three elemental punches. Plus STAB Brick Break.

Mienshao also has stuff like Fake Out. But I feel that Medicham is better. In
the end, I suggest Medicham.

Medicham @ Medichamite
Pure Power

-Ice Punch
-Fire Punch
-Brick Break
-Bullet Punch

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ok pros and cons:



  • it can mega evolve
  • pure power is its ability


  • weak if not mega
  • ghost types destroy it
  • mega weak to



  • regenerator and u-turn
  • fake out
  • more fast and power full


  • frail

mienshao is better

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