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I currently use Medicham, but he doesn't stay in for long. So is he the best of the 3, or should I change it?

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Is this WiFi or Smogon? If Smogon, please identify the tier, as Mega Lucario and Mega Mawile are bothe Uber.

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-If you play under Smogon rules, you have to keep in mind that Mega Lucario and Mega Mawile are both banned from standard/OU. This means that you will have to play Uber tier where pretty much everything is allowed including Legendaries such as Groudon, and Kyogre.

Mega Lucario has adaptability which increase any stab move such as Close combat and bullet punch to x2. Stab moves does way more damage than it usually should. Close Combat deals more damage than a High Jump Kick from Mega Medicham. Mega Lucario has very nice move pool, and its stats are good to make either a physical attacker and special attacker. Mega Lucario is also the fastest Mga between Mega Medicham and Mega Mawile.

Mega Medicham has the ability Pure Power which doubles the attack of the user. In other words, Mega Medicham has a massive attack. You can spam High Jump Kick, and it will does a lot of damage to any Pokemon. However Mega Medicham is not very fast and missing a High Jump Kick will cause you to lose half of its health. Unlike Mega Mega Lucario, Mega Medicham can't run special attacks. The ability Pure Power only works on its attack.

Mega Mawile gets the ability of Huge Power, which is the same as Pure Power from Mega Medicham. Before Mega evolving, Mawile has the ability of Intimidate which descrease the attack of its opponent, which is fantastic because Mega Mawile is a bulky Pokemon. Mega Mawile has a very nice typing. Mega Mawile hits hard but it's very slow; however, it gets a priority move which is SuckerPunch. Mega Mawile also hits very hard with anything you throw at your opponent.

It really comes down to your playstyle or what works best for your team.

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Medicham's high jump kick does far more that lucario's close combat. A doubled base attack is more than doubled because a pokemon has more stats than the base stats for some reason, look it up, but adaptability basically doubles the power of a move. Mega medicham already has more attack and gets stab high jump kick for more base power, while lucario gets a twice as powerful close combat, but nothing else since it doesn't get stab on top of stab, so medicham deals way more damage lucario, and is faster than mega mawile
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I am going to give an answer that works for both simulators and VGC.

Assuming that you are playing simulators, both Mega Lucario and Mega Mawile are banned to Ubers. For OU, MegaCham has been outclassed greatly this gen by Mega Gallade. Try replacing it.

[email protected] Galladite
Trait: Inner Focus
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Def
- Swords Dance
- Knock Off
- Zen Headbutt
- Close Combat

Mega Gallade wrecks things after one SD. Knock Off is highly spammable, as well as countering slower Ghost-types. Zen Headbutt is Psychic STAB. Close Combat will be the move you use to break walls, and at +2 it steamrolls everything in it's path that's not a Ghost. Just beware of Shadow Sneak from Mega Banette and other dangerous Ghost attacks. Take out Mega Sableye and Mega Slowbro ASAP, as both wall Gallade heavily.

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Mega Gallade wasn't a choice
Whether the Poké was for WiFi or Showdown was unspecified, so I assumed it was Showdown. Tyrantrum said he was using MegaCham, so I assumed the tier was OU. Mega Lucario and Mega Mawile are banned from OU. Therefore, I went to the closest Mega wallbreaker to Mega Medicham.
i'm using it for doubles, so UBERs are allowed