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I am trying to decide whether to use Gallade or Lucario for my competitive team.
Please do not comment on the rest of my team. I have raised it and taken it to competitions and it works quite well. (This is for Ubers)

Here is the rest of my team.

Nature - Timid
EV's - 252 SpAttack 4 HP 252 Speed
Ability - Drizzle - Primordial Sea
Item - Blue Orb
Ice Beam
Origin Pulse

Nature - Modest
EV's - 4 Sp. Def 252 Sp.Att 252 Speed
Ability - Trace - Pixilate
Item - Gardeviorite
Hyper Voice
Focus Blast

Nature - Adamant
EV's 252 Attack, 4 Defense 252 Speed
Ability - Intimidate
Item - Assault Vest
Extreme Speed
Flare Blitz
Wild Charge
Iron Head

Nature - Modest
EV's - 252 HP 4 Defense 252 Sp.Att
Ability - Gooey
Item - Wise Glasses
Sludge Bomb
Ice Beam
Focus Blast

Nature - Modest
EV's - 252 Speed 252 Sp.Att 4 def
Ability - Protean
Item - Life Orb
Dark pulse
Ice Beam
Grass Knot

Which do you think would suit my team better?

M-Lucario or M-Gallade?

Why Grass Knot for Greninja?
I'm guessing it's because Grass Knot deals good damage to Kyogre and non-primal Groudon. This is in Ubers, remember.
Why not mega Mewtwo x?
To my extremely inexperienced point of view I'd say Lucario, because it has more raw power from Adaptability and such. I'm probably biased because Lucario is in ubers and I'm pretty sure M-Gallade is RU?
I'd say Mega Lucario. He's like the all-seeing ruler of my team for a reason. That coverage woooow <3

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Well, lets see.
Mega Gallade has higher attack
Mega Lucario has higher defense
M-Lucario has higher special attack, as well.
M- Gallade has higher special defense
M- Lucario has higher speed

 Now for weaknesses and  resistances

Mega Gallade has Flying and Ghost as its weakness while Lucario has fighting,, fire, and ground as its weakness.
Gallade is resistant to Fighting, and rock.( This means Gallade is resistant to Lucario"s fighting type moves)
Lucario is resistant to Bug, Rock, Dark, Dragon, Grass, Ice, Normal, Steel.


Overall, it seems as if Lucario is best. It has higher stats than Gallade, and can cover weaknesses easily. Even though it is weak to Gallade, it has many resistances.

   Hope I helped!
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Than comparing them this way you're supposed to pick a pokemon on how well it'll synergise with the rest of the team....
But yeah, M-Luke is the better option