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Out of curiosity, who's Bullet Punch has the hardest base damage: Mega Scizor's Technician, Mega Metagross' Tough Claws, or Mega Lucario's Adaptability? I don't know the exact multipliers of Technician, Tough Claws or Adaptability, so including those in your answer would be swell.

P.S. I know a question like this has been asked already, but it does not include Mega Metagross.


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Lets see:

Mega Metagross: Tough Claws boosts direct hits by 33%, or 1/3. Bullet Punch has a power of 40, plus STAB, 60. 60/3 is 20. 60+20 is 80. Mega Metagross' Bullet Punch has a power of 80.

Mega Scizor: Technician boosts moves under 40 power by 50%, or 1/2. Bullet Punch has a power of 40, plus Stab, 60, plus Technician, 90. Mega Scizor's Bullet Punch has a power of 90.

Mega Lucario: Adaptability boosts STAB by 2, not 1.5. 40x2 is 80. Mega Lucario's Bullet Punch has a power of 80.

In conclusion, Mega Scizor's Bullet Punch hits the hardest, at a power of 90.

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I think he want who hits hardest not highest base power
Mr. Pasta, what is the difference?
I ment to say is who hits the hardest against certain pokemon let say shuckle.Damage  includes base stat and base power.
^ that wouldn't make any difference. You must assume the Shuckle is the same for both Scizor and Metagross in order to determine who hits harder, meaning the only variants would be the attackers themselves, as Shuckle's stats remain the same.

That said, the second part of your comment is true; Mega-Scizor has higher base attack of 150, as opposed to Mega-Metagross' 145.
This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks pal :)
I think it depends on the opponent's Pokemon's defense stat, and your pokemon's attack stat.