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So Mega-Mawile is causing me trouble (GDI I used up my -1 complexity). Coins also don't come that easily because the bonus Meowth stage isn't there anymore.

What's the better combo to beat M-Mawile?

  1. Lucario w/ Pummel + 2 fighting types (right now I have Hawlucha and Mienfoo)
  2. Torchic & Combusken w/ Pyre + Charizard w/ Burn (yet to get Charizard)

I haven't used up my free code for 2 Mega starts yet, and I have enough for +5 moves. I have Mega-Sableye, Audino, Kangaskhan and Lopunny, and I gather that Sableye is the best option for M-Mawile.


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I used these bad boys and a Complexity -1.

image Level 4
image Level 1
image Level 2
image Level 3

There was no strategy involved, I just went in there guns blazing and made all of the Lucario combos I could. In hindsight there were some better strategies, but this worked for me first try, due to the Complexity -1 eliminating enemy Eevee. I imagine that that was what helped the most, since I just tested the Pummel strategy and I utterly failed miserably. Here are my suggestions:

1 - Go with the Pummel strategy. Lucario, Mienfoo and Hawlucha will do more damage collectively than Charizard, Torchic and Combusken (Rotom-Heat would help here).

2 - Level grind on Mawile. Defeat will still give you experience, and the higher your levels the better you will do.

3 - Save up enough coins for a Complexity -1. There are a few ways to do that. Participating in the Mega Lucario contest gives you a Jewel, as does the first completion of the Kyogre stage. If you have enough Jewels then you can buy the coins necessary for a Complexity -1. Also, if you have captured Mew on the Mew Stage, you can earn another 1000 coins for completing it again.

I wish you the best of luck in the conquest of Mawile!

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Thanks! I managed but with Charizard instead Panphy. I guess a lot of it is down to luck.
Yeah, I got at least five combos in a row twice. Skill has nothing to do with it xD
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well first off it should be pretty obvious, you should be using Fire fighting and ground types and as for the Mega, I would use lopunny of kangaskhan because although Sableye can be useful find these two is just as useful. this is because they take care or a whole row or column (depending on with it is) which I find does more damage.As for strategy, I have one main suggestion, look.In order to see which ones will get the most damage and the most combos. If possible try to make a + symbol to maximize damage and if possible out 2 in each spot before putting the final one in the middle, which also give opportunity for a load more combos at once. when this isn't possible try and make a T and t shape to again try to get maximum damage and combos. But even if you cannot do either of these, remember to try and be resourceful about where you place your Pokemon, and remember the suggestion in the yellow squares may not be the best solution
Hope I helped ;)