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Whismicott’s bulk is terrible with a 60 base HP, 75 Sp Defence and a 85 base defence.
However, because Whismicott has the ability Prankster, which gives status moves priority, people give it Substitute. Yet even with substitute, it’s bulk is so poor the substitute would break easily.
So should I still give my Whismicott substitute?

Whimsicott does have access to a few set-up and utility moves, most notably stun spore, encore, endure, and leech seed, as well as being able to set up two different types of terrain. It's speed is high, but not nearly high enough to outspeed any dedicated individuals, so the boost from the ability is much appreciated.
This is for competitive, right? What format/rules are you asking about?
@WGDF The question is asking about substitute, not prankster.
Maybe to stop status conditions?
My bad

But it still kinda works, since the sub would give whimsicott a chance to lay whatever it wanted

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As WhoGotzDaFud said, Whimsicott has access to set-up and utility moves such as stun spore, encore, endure and leech seed. Substitute Whimiscott is only recommended in singles, and definitely not doubles. The plan is to take advantage of a bad type match up and set up substitute whilst they switch out, followed by leech seed to slowly regain health overtime. Chuck a Leftovers on Whimsicott and it can potentially be a frustrating staller who slowly chips away health. However, pulling this off is pretty difficult and requires a lot of reading. For example, if a Rotom decides to use you as a Nasty Plot set-up, you might have to anticipate whether they will be greedy for the double Nasty Plot or read the Nasty Plot at the start.

Substitute Whimsicott should be paired alongside priority Substitute and Leech seed (Prankster). The main objective is to leech seed and stall. You can also priority stun spore to annoy opponents if you get the sleep.

Hope I helped.

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