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I have a battle agianst a steel type user and I am a ground type user
this is my team
someone help me check it
i hope I can beat him
Mamoswine: Avalanche, Giga impact, earthquake, Reflect
Torterra: Frenzy plant, stone edge,rock polish, earthquake
Gliscor: fire fang, ice fang, thunder fang, X-siccors
Flygon: Flamethrower, ariel ace, earthquake, dragon pulse
Swampert: Ice punch, waterfall, brick break, earthquake
Donphan: Earthquake, Assurance, superpower, Giga impact


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I wouldn't really worry. Your team is great and so long as you keep using earthquake you should be set. Of course Gliscor's fire fang will also be a great help.

Just be weary of what steel types your opponent uses since some may know moves that could seriously hurt your team. Ice moves would devastate Torterra, Gliscor, Flygon, and Donphan. Also, a move like Grass Knot would do quite a bit of damage to Swampert and Donphan.

But still, you should be set with Earthquake and Fire Fang, just be very caution of the above issues before heading into the battle. Best of luck to you.