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OR/AS Megas

Mega Beedrill - Beedrillite: Sea Mauville

Mega Pidgeot - Pidgeotite: In Rustboro City, you can show Mr. Stone -- Steven’s father -- the Intriguing Stone. He will reward you with this special Mega Stone.

Mega Slowbro - Slowbroite: In the Shoal Cave, collect four Shoal salts and four Shoal shells and give it to the man asking for them.

Mega Steelix - Steelixite:

  • If you have the Japanese version of the ORAS demo, you can transfer over your Mega Steelix
  • Granite Cave

Mega Glalie - Glalieite:

  • If you have the North American version of the ORAS demo, you can transfer over your Mega Glalie to your game.
  • Shoal Cave basement

Mega Sceptile - Sceptilite:

  • If starter Pokemon, you’ll get the Mega Stone on Route 120.
  • Route 114 Stone Salesman

Mega Blaziken - Blazikinite:

  • If starter Pokemon, you’ll get the Mega Stone on Route 120.
  • Route 114 Stone Salesman

Mega Swampert - Swampertite:

  • If starter Pokemon, you’ll get the Mega Stone on Route 120.
  • Route 114 Stone Salesman

Mega Sableye - Sableyeite: Sootopolis City

Mega Altaria - Altariatite: In Lilycove City, show the Collector your Altaria

Mega Sharpedo - Sharpedoite:

  • Battle Resort (Omega Ruby)
  • Aqua Hideout during the Delta Episode (Alpha Sapphire)

Mega Camerupt - Camerupite:

  • Battle Resort (Alpha Sapphire)
  • Magma Hideout during the Delta Episode (Omega Ruby)

Mega Salamence - Salamencite: Meteor Falls from Zinnia’s grandmother

Mega Metagross - Metagrossite:

  • Download your Shiny Beldum that is holding the Mega Stone
  • Defeat Steven the Champion after rematch in the Pokemon League

Mega Latios - Latiosite:

  • Littleroot Town from your mother (Alpha Sapphire)
  • On Latios (Omega Ruby)

Mega Latias - Latiasite:

  • Littleroot Town from your mother (Omega Ruby)
  • On Latias (Alpha Sapphire)

Mega Rayquaza: Does not need a Mega Stone

Mega Lopunny - Lopunnyite: Mauville City, from the man in the suit in the Mauville Hills

Mega Gallade - Galladite: From Professor Cozmo after the Delta Episode

Mega Audino - Audinite: Battle Resort from the Looker

Mega Diancie - Diancieite: Transfer Diancie from X and Y and go to any Pokemon Center to receive the Mega Stone.

Primal Reversions:

Primal Kyogre:

  • Mt. Pyre (Omega Ruby)
  • On Kyogre (Alpha Sapphire)

Primal Groudon:

  • Mt. Pyre (Alpha Sapphire)
  • On Groudon (Omega Ruby)

X/Y Mega Stones:

Mega Charizard X - Charizardite X: Fiery Path

Mega Charizard Y - Charizardite Y: Scorched Slab

Mega Venasaur - Venasaurite: Route 119

Mega Blastoise - Blastoisinite: SS Tidal

Mega Alakazam - Alakazite: Slateport City Market

Mega Gengar - Gengarite: Battle Resort

Mega Kangaskhan - Kangaskhanite: Pacifildog Town

Mega Pinsir - Pinsirite: Route 124

Mega Gyarados - Gyaradosite: Route 123 in the mouth of Poochyena

Mega Aerodactyl - Aerodactylite: Meteor Falls

Mega Mewtwo X - Mewtwonite X: Littleroot Town

Mega Mewtwo Y - Mewtwonite Y: Pokemon League

Mega Ampharos- Ampharosite: New Mauville

Mega Scizor - Scizorite: Petalburg Woods

Mega Heracross - Heracrossite: Route 127

Mega Houndoom - Houndoominite: Lavaridge Town

Mega Tyrnatiar - Tyrantiarite: Jagged Pass

Mega Gardevoir - Gardevoirite: Verdanturf Town from Wanda

Mega Mawile - Mawilite: Verdanturf Town

Mega Aggron -Aggronite: Rusturf Tunnel

Mega Medicham - Medichamite: Mt. Pyre

Mega Manectric - Manectite: Route 110 on Cycling Road

Mega Banette - Banettite: Mt. Pyre

Mega Absol - Absolite: Safari Zone

Mega Garchomp - Garchompite: Given by Aarune at the Secret Base Club when you reach Platinum Rank with Secret Base Flag Collection.

Mega Lucario - Lucarionite: Lilicove City. Clear all master rank contests and defeat Lissa

Mega Abomasnow - Abomasite: Route 123 in the Berry Garden


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