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I have a honchkrow currently on my team and it has the ability super luck. It also knows night slash and I also gave it the razor claw to furthermore boost the critical hit ratio. Is the chance to get a critical hit 50 % or 33 %?

I think it's 100% -I believe I read somewhere that 3 stages of critical hits get you to 100%, not sure though.

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Depends on what generation you are playing in. If you're playing in Gen 6, it would be 100%, other generations would have 50%.

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Oh, that makes sense. I am playing in generation 5.Thanks for answering!
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It will actually be 100%!

Night Slash:
>Night Slash deals damage and has an increased critical hit ratio (1⁄8 instead of 1⁄16)

Razor Claw:
>Holder's critical hit ratio is boosted by 1.

Super Luck:
>This Pokemon's critical hit ratio is boosted by 1.

According to this table, Night Slash will always land a critical hit.
enter image description here

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That can't be because my Honchkrow doesn't get a crit every turn. I also read some other questions after posting this and I found out that there are actually 5 stages so the crit ratio is actually 33%. Thank you for answering my question Sir Terlor!