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I'm trying to get Shroomish with Bullet Seed and Quick Feet (so I can get Technician Breloom). I've had over 30 encounters and haven't had either. I have found Poochyena with Rattled and Ice Fang after 21 encounters.

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The more times you encounter Shroomish the higher chance you have of encountering a HA and Egg Moves
It is also proven for Shroomish to have both quick feet and bullet seed here

Ability: You will see the Pokémon's ability. For the higher level on DexNav, you will start get a chance to find its Hidden Ability
First Move: You will see the Pokémon's first move. This is either it's normal move, or an Egg Move. As the DexNav level increases, you will start seeing more Egg Moves known by the Pokémon.

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an image or verified source would have been better than hearsay from your source, but it's still more than I have so far, thanks. On a side note, I've since started getting quick feet Shroomish. here's hoping I can find bullet seed.
after over 100 encounters, I can confirm this combo is possible. I am now the proud owner of a bullet seed Shroomish with quick feet, and 2 perfect IV's to boot :)