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So I was trying to give a moveset to my umbreon and I found out curse was an egg move and I was irritated to find that out. Knowing that I have to take my umbreon and put it in the day care with ditto and breed a female eevee which is like 15% I believe, and take that female and breed it with a compatible curse parent and breed until I get an eevee with the move and a good nature.then I found out I could capture eevees on route 115. I used dex nav to try and find a female eevee but instead I found an eevee with curse and a perfect nature and curse is an egg move for eevee. Is this possible on other Pokemon? If so which ones?

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DexNav'ing for Egg moves is actually a very common practice, it's one of DexNav's features. It applies to all the Pokemon you can find using it, which is usually Pokemon you can capture in the wild while walking.

So basically, any Pokemon that you can DexNav can have an Egg Move on it. Keep in mind though, this Egg Move is random, and the DexNav informs you which moves it has.

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Through the Dexnav, you can find Pokemon which hold items, have better IV's, are higher level than usual or find Pokemon with ''special'' moves, a.k.a. egg moves. If you keep on searching for a specific Pokemon through the Dexnav then you should be able to find more Pokemon with egg moves.

At a minimum, the Hidden Pokémon screen will always show the Search Level of the target hidden Pokémon. If the player has owned the Pokémon, its type will also be displayed. When the player is close enough to the Pokémon, its silhouette (which matches its appearance if it were to be encountered, including details like form and gender) and level will also be shown. Other information, such as the Pokémon's first move, Ability, held item, and potential may also be displayed, depending on the species' Search Level. If the Pokémon has a special move, Hidden Ability, high level, or high potential, an exclamation mark will appear next to that datum on the screen. If the Pokémon is of a species that can only be encountered as a hidden Pokémon, an exclamation mark will appear above its silhouette.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/DexNav

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