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Since Electric types are immune to paralysis, Steel/Poison immune to poison and Vital Spirit grants immunity to sleep, what is the percentage for Effect Spore to happen?

Does it mean:
1. Effect Spore only has 20% instead of 30% chance of triggering against an Electric type, because the 10% of paralysis is negated
2. Effect Spore still has 30% chance of triggering against an Electric type, and it's 15% and 15% for Poison & Sleep?

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The first one is right.
So far, there have been nearly no conditions in which secondary effects have increased (save that obsolete moment when you use both Fire and Water pledge).

Hope I helped!

Thanks! Do you have a source?
Well... No source as of such, but more of an understanding of the mechanics. Effect Spore calculates 10% chances for each status condition individually.

Like if an electric type uses a physical move on the ability bearer, first the chance of sleep will be considered, then for poison, and lastly for paralysis. Since the chance of paralysis has no value (electric typing) only the first two will be considered.