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For example, pokemon with levitate are resistant to Ground moves and pokemon with Dry Skin make Fire moves do 25% more damage.

What other abilities like that are there?


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  • Dry Skin - fire moves do more damage, makes water type moves heal it
  • Filter - powers down super effective moves
  • Flash Fire - raises the power of fire type moves when hit by a fire type move
  • Heat Proof - lowers damage taken by fire type moves
  • Levitate - immune to Ground type moves
  • Motor Drive - raises speed when hit by electric move
  • Normalize - makes all moves normal type
  • Scrappy - makes normal and fighting type moves hit ghost types
  • Solid Rock - powers down super effective moves
  • Sound Proof - makes sound related move not do anything
  • Thick Fat - weakens fire and ice type moves
  • Volt Absorb - heals when hit by electric move
  • Water Absorb - heal when hit by water move
  • Wonder Guard - makes only super effective moves hit
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Also, newly added in the 7th generation, Fluffy reduces damage from contact moves, but doubles damage from Fire-type moves.
prism armor was also introduced in gen 7, it is basically the same as filter
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Also don't forget SapSipper (Grass Type Moves Heal you)

One reason why we don't allow people to answer old questions is stuff like this. Sap Sipper didn't exist back when this question was asked. Please check the age of the question before answering. Also, comment small things, don't answer unless it's an actual, well..answer.
SapSipper raises the Attack stat when hit by a grass move.