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Which overworld abilities can affect Pokémon encountered from Sweet Scent?

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When I put a Static Pokémon in my first slot and used Sweet Scent several times, I got no Electric Pokemon. When I ran around in the same patch of grass without Sweet Scent, every second wild Pokémon was Electric-type, like it should be when Static is active. So if Static apparently doesn't work with Sweet Scent, which of these abilities do? (I'm pretty sure this is the complete list):

Magnet Pull, Static, Pressure, Vital Spirit, Hustle, Keen Eye, Intimidate, Cute Charm, Synchronize

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I edited it for a bit of clarity.
How many times did you test the Sweet Scent/Static interaction? You may have been unfortunate enough to flip tails a bunch of times, so to speak.  As for Intimidate, I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter because Sweet Scent guarantees a Pokémon to appear.
I used sweet scent 5-10 times. It is possible that I was just unlucky.

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