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Since ground types can get paralyzed via Effect Spore I was wondering if Steel types can get poisoned by Effect Spore too.

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No, steel type Pokemon can not be poisoned at all.

Electric types aren't immune to Paralysis, just thunder wave, so sorry

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No sorry. They can only be poisoned in Gen2 by Twineedle (Beedrill Move) or by a Toxic Orb. PS Glare and Tri Attack can Paralyze Ground Types. And many ther moves like stun spore

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Yes, but only under one condition: If its type gets changed.

If a Steel Type becomes a different type through Soak, through hacked moves Conversion, Conversion 2 or Reflect Type, or through hacked abilities Color Change and Protean, it can be poisoned due to the fact that it isn't a Steel type anymore.

Otherwise, a steel type cannot be poisoned by any means.

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The poison condition (PSN) (Japanese: どく poison) is a non-volatile status condition found in the Pokémon games, it causes a Pokémon to lose HP at the end of every turn, as well as outside of battle prior to Generation V. It can be caused by several moves most of which are Poison-type, and some Abilities. Poison and Steel-type Pokémon are immune to being poisoned, making it the only non-volatile status condition to be ineffective against more than one type;

So, no Steel-type Pokémon cannot be poisoned by Effect Spore or any otherpoison-inducing move apart from Twineedle


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