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So basically in National Dex AG, there's this gimmick where you use Liepard with the ability Prankster with the moves Assist, Substitute, Nasty Plot, and Dark Pulse. Assist lands on Spore, then you Sub, Nasty Plot, then attack. How exactly does this work (getting Assist to always land on Spore)? Here is a replay of it in action.


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Assist always lands on Spore because none of the moves your enemy had were callable by Assist.

  • Counter and Mirror Coat cannot be called.
  • Transform cannot be called.
  • Dragon Tail, Destiny Bond, Shadow Force, and Fly (I assume this is Max Airstream's base move) cannot be called.

While I don't know Drifblim's moveset, it probably consists of something like Phantom Force - Destiny Bond - Fly - Trick or some other weird garbage that can't be called.

List of moves that can't be called by Assist

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Aw that explains it. Thanks.