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Out of all the moves Assist can use , why is it only roar?

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How it Works

The way to use this strategy is to get a Liepard with Prankster and get another Pokemon with a moveset that only includes switch-out moves like Roar and Whirlwind (Dragon Tail/Circle Throw works too). Prankster makes it attack first, so the other Pokemon gets switched out before it has the chance to attack.

How to Counter It

Countering this strategy is definitely possible, and it can be done in many ways. First of all, Liepard can only switch out one Pokemon at a time, so you can use whatever is left to KO it (it's super frail).

If you want to kill it quickly, you can use a Talonflame or something similar to take it out with priority. There are other ways too, like having the ability Suction Cups.

You can use a faster Prankster with Taunt to counter. - Poke'slash

Yes, this is true.

Hope I helped!

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u cant use ingrain as prankster assis keeps switching u out, sound proof doesnt work on whirlwind
You can use a faster Prankster with Taunt to counter.
I kind of agree with DarkHeart, but remember that Liepard can only switch one out at a time.  So it is possible to use Ingrain with both of your pokemon and have one of them stay.  Or you can test your luck with one.

And yes, Soundproof only works with Roar, forgot to mention it.

Thanks for the help! :)
wait doesnt roar have -6 piriority? Prankster makes it only -5?
Not if you use Assist on a teammate who knows Roar.
oh ok then