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While I was watching this replay of Gen V, Assist always transformed into V-Create.
However here's what the DB says about Assist:
>In a Double Battle, user randomly attacks with a partner's move.

Which means it only holds true in Double Battles, and the one I saw was a Singles. How'd this work?

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>This is a gimmick team that makes use of the move Assist and V-Create. Assist choses a random move from my team's Pokemon, while V-Create has a base power of 180, having the highest set base power of all non-sacrificial moves. Since there is only one move in my team that Assist can copy, Assist will always let the user use V-Create.

Hope this helps!

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Assist randomly selects a move your other Pokemon know, with some exceptions, (see here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Assist_%28move%29)

Assist cannot select itself. So essentially, all you need is a team of Pokemon that only know Assist and one Pokemon with an incredibly powerful move like V-Create and you will only ever use V-Create.

Liepard is the most popular user of Assist due to Prankster giving the move priority.