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I have a bit of a problem deciding which to breed assist onto, Chimchar or Sneasel, and it's based on the fact that despite EV training, items and such I can't seem to get far at all in live competitive.... Starting over at square one, I'd like to get others input before I put the time and effort into this.

Sneasel: Ice shard, Beat Up, Ice punch- max attack EV, even distribute in Hp, DF, SDF, SPD... Pressure weavile...


Chimchar: fire punch, thunder punch, focus blast- with 140 EV ATK & SPA, even distribute all other stats left, has Iron FIst ability

Other party Pokemon candidates, still up in air:
Empoleon- Still considering moves, Flash cannon and drill peck likely
Espeon- Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Signal Beam, Morning Sun -Magic bounce ability
Charizard- X ME stone w/ outrage, Flame thrower, Aerial ace and dragon dance
Volcarona- Fiery Dance, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Signal beam
Marrowak- Bonemarang, Double Edge, Iron head, Aerial ace

.... I need help with this... It's sad because I'm far from being a newbie at Pokemon; however, using favorites and applicably winning with them is getting ridiculous, I miss 'live competition' being sitting in a lunch room with other poke-enthusiasts. I am also angry about certain activation mechanics... Either ALL my opponents are unbelievably lucky, or something, because all my moves with even slight possibility of missing miss, all theirs hits and effects activate are pretty cruddy results for me. 10 battles and marrowak missed all 16 boomarangs (yes I counted)? Was it a probability glitch or something?

Assist isn't viable in competitive. If you want to get better, read this. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/59402/pokemon-database-battling-guides-official-thread
5 Contrary Spinda with Assist
1 Smeargle with V-Create
Only Flash Fire Pokemon stop you

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Assist is, honestly, awful in competitive. Choose any movement from your team? Sure why not. You're up against a Fire type. Your Infernape uses Assist and chooses...Flash Cannon. Shortly after, you get OHKO'D by a setup sweeper. As sumwun has said, , maybe take a look at the Pokémon Database Battling Guide Thread

EDIT: Sorry I just saw your comment. Assist is very luck based, basically a more safe Metronome. The moves it can choose are just too wide, leaving you unable to secure vital KOs and chip damage. Of course you will, occasionally, choose a decent move to use. But this is way too luck based and often luck based strategies fail, hence the word 'luck'. You could have an Infernape with Assist and maube have Pokemon in the back with moves that Infernape may want to (attempt) to use.

Good luck and hope I helped!

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Not very helpful, sorry. I see your point of view, and I have been reading up on things, trust me, I wrote this question as a very last effort to get a different perspective. I ended up breeding it onto both, and contrary to the the discredit given to the move, it has served me well. See, it's a basic strategy- if none of the 3 other moves will do much damage, simply roll the die. Both Weavile and Infernape are useful as sweepers early out. Granted it has a let down once in awhile, but by tailoring the entire party's moveset, it has proven viable.