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Normal Gem, Flying Gem, Dragon Gem etc.
Really hoping they are. Please provide locations if possible as well.

Don't think so.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, they are not.
From what there is, type gems were only available in Gen 5 (Black, White, Black White2).

In an event, they may appear on a Pokémon, but thats the only way you can get them.
Source: Serebii

Edit: You may be able to get the gems, I Rock Smashed a rock and received a Normal Gem. I'm not sure if thats the only one, but thats what I think it is.
Source: Experience

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gdi oh well. thanks anyways :)
Normal Gem is the only one. Certain event Diancie had it as their held item, and it's possible to trade up from XY.

What a coincidence. I was going through my answers fixing all my possibly cringy mistakes yesterday.