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I myself have not found any, and I'm pretty sure that Pokétransfer will not allow items to transfer, so are those single-use move boosting gems gone completely?

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Most of them are gone. The only one available is the Normal Gem, which can be obtained from dowsing in the lower part of Terminus Cave.

Source: Here and here.

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What about the Fairy Gem?
The Fairy Gem is unobtainable, but confirmed that it actually exists.
Is it really rare or am I really unlucky? I got 2 pearls, a big pearl, like 10 ethers, 2 max ethers and no normal gem. Then i searched that entire cave with dowsing machine. No normal gem.
Turns out that there is ONE normal gem. It is hidden in the LOWER part of terminous cave, not the path to Zygarde. So I wasted a lot of time searching for it in the upper cave. :/
I never said that it was in the upper cave.
I'm not saying you did, but you were vague, so I assumed you meant the main part of the cave. That's what most logical people would assume.
Also, it is not found by smashing rocks.
Sorry, my mistake. I couldn't find what the method was but I had heard it was smashing rocks before. I'll edit that.
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No they're not.

Source: Experience and Bulbapedia

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However, the only gem I needed was the normal gem, so I'm good ;)
I think that you can transfer certain items through Pokebank like Gems.
You can find them on the ground and in those dust clouds.
What dust clouds
The main point is that they're not gone.
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No. They're still here. mostly Invisible items(actually I think Consistently) So have fun exploring caves and stuff with ur Dowsing Machine. And remember to have surf and rock smash!

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