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Okay, so, I know that Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are fairly new, but I'm majorly freaking out, so I need to ask this question anyway.
I've already found Lugia in Alpha Sapphire. The first time I battled it, it ran out of moves and killed itself using Struggle. I had saved before going into the battle, so I simply turned my 3DS off and back on so that I could have another go at capturing the legendary - and here's where the problem comes in.
I went into battle a second time, but wasn't paying much attention to where I was tapping on the screen because I was trying to adjust ice packs on my face (( I just had oral surgery )). I accidentally clicked "Run" and safely escaped the fight. At first I thought, "Well, I'll just turn around and go back through the ring.", so I rearranged my team, saved the game, then turned around to go back in - but it wouldn't give me the option to. It simply comes up with a message that says "A mysterious ring is floating in the water..." and then the message disappears.
Have I screwed up my chance to capture Lugia? Is there anyway that I could still get Lugia without having to restart my game? (( Which I really don't want to do because I'm about to go face the Elite Four. )) Do I need to wait I specific amount of time before I can come back and try again? Please help. I need some good news, right now...

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The Lugia will respawn after you beat the E4 and champion again. This also applies for making the Legendary Pokemon faint, as it makes the Legendary Pokeon disappear.

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