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I'm hoping someone can help me out here.. I managed to capture Lugia and then saved the game and called it a day. I turned my 3DS back on to continue with the game but for some reason Lugia isn't in my party anymore?! I even checked my pokedex and it says I captured it. I went back to the ship where the mysterious portal is but nothing, and I even went through the boxes at the Pokemon center. Any ideas?

Lugia cannot be contained by mere mortals!!

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Lugia has to be somewhere. Their is no bug in the game that makes Pokemon disappear.

Check if you transfered it to Pokemon bank.
Or maybe a sibling/friend stole your game and traded the legendary Pokemon to themselves (or released it) without you knowing.

What was in the place you exptected it to be? nothing? a junk Pokemon? a Pokemon from one of your boxes? That'll be the key to figuring out what happened.

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There are multiple reasons that this could happen, but I have one reason that may be the most likely.

You had a full party when you caught it. When you caught Lugia, you might have had a full party, so Lugia was automatically transferred to your PC. Try checking all of your PC boxes and look for the below sprite.

Another thing that could have happened was you didn't save, but you did once have Lugia. Somebody could've traded Lugia to you and you traded it somewhere.

Hope this Helps!