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I have read the method for getting it on Serebii, and watched several guides on Youtube, and I've done everything they say to do, but it still isn't challenging me. Here is a list of all the things I've done:

  • I have caught Regirock, Regice and Registeel
  • Regice has a nickname, and is called something other than Regice
  • Regice is holding a Castelliacone
  • The three Regis are in my party, with Regice in this condition
  • It is daytime
  • I am walking in a straight line through the middle of the second room in Island Cave

Yet when I reach the middle of the room, nothing happens! I just keep walking straight through the middle of the room. There is no earthquake. Regigigas does not challenge me. What am I doing wrong?


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A little Girl

You have to talk to a Little Girl in Pacifidlog Town. She tells you stories of what her Grandpa told her. Randomly, one day, she will tell you a Story about Regigigas. On that day go to Island Cave and hopefully Regigigas will be there

>Once you have the three Regis, Regirock, Regice and Registeel, you can unlock Regigigas. The method to get this is rather complicated. In Pacifidlog Town, in the north-eastern house, a girl will tell you stories her grandfather told her. At random, she will tell you a part of the story about how to get Regigigas. This involves location and the other features. Take all three of the Pokémon to the Island Cave during the day, and make Regice hold a frozen item such as CasteliaCone, Snowball or Never-Melt Ice, and have Regice have a nickname, and Regigigas will challenge you.

If you already did and it still doesn't work try coming out and in again. Or you could Soft-Reset or just reset the game and see if that helps

Hope you find it :D

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I just tried it again without talking to the girl again, and it worked!  So thanks anyway. Your answer might still be useful to other people.