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Like, if I traded for all the regis in SWSH, could I get Regigigas with them? If I traded for all the regis and one of them was a nicknamed Regice, could I get Regigigas with them?

I'm pretty sure they have to be caught in SWSH.
I don’t think so for Sword/Shield, because you’d need to trade for the other regi you didn’t get in split decision, and when you trade over that regi you can get regigigas. I’m not sure if transferring works, but I feel like it would, considering you’d need to transfer the Regis over in diamond pearl and platinum from ruby/sapphire/emerald for regigigas, so it may be the same. In ORAS, I think you’d be able to trade/transfer them over, as once again, you had to transfer the Regis from gen 3 games for regigigas

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In ORAS I believe that you did have to catch them in your game based off of this Source

However in Swsh you do not need to have caught them in your game, because you can only get one of the Galar Regis per game. However you do need the three original Regis to be caught in your game for the Split Decision Ruins to open in SWSH.

Source for 1 is above link
Source for 2 is both logic and experience

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Ok then, I think I destroyed my chances of getting Gigas in AS lol. Thanks!
Dang, well you can get Gigas from the Gts