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Okay, to make this one clear, I'll have to tell you what I mean, simply...

In the Black and White versions, after defeating N and Ghetsis, you go to the East side of Unova (ex. Route 14) and the trainer's Pokemon are in their mid 60's (lvl.-wise).
In the Black 2 and White 2 versions after defeating Iris, trainer Pokemon are in their mid 50's (lvl.-wise).

How is this level difference possible?! Is it because how high N and Ghetsis's Pokemon are (lvl.-wise) in Black and White? Does this count for after you beaten the champion too in Black 2 and White 2 too? I am clueless...


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Actually, Ghetsis' strongest Pokemon in BW and B2W2 only differ by 2 levels.

His Hydreigon is L54 in BW, while it's L52 in B2W2 (on normal mode).

I think the main reason the levels were lowered in B2W2 was because:

  1. you needed some higher levelled trainers to help you train for Alder, the strongest post-game trainer in BW
  2. the level curb was actually a really nasty surprise. I walked onto Route 11 towards Humilau right after defeating N/Ghetsis, and all the trainers were at least L64 when I was only L55-56. I also spent a substantial amount of time training to L54 for the E4, so the sudden level spike was something that you couldn't ordinarily handle.
  3. Iris' highest levelled Pokemon is her Haxorus at 59. If you go to post-game locations such as Icirrus City and Pinwheel Forest right after you beat her, the wild Pokemon there are around the same level, L57+, and the trainers around L60+. This is a much more sensible level curb, and even though you'll ultimately face Benga, the White Tree Hollow/ Black City still allow you to train throughout to get to ~L80.

Of course, these are just my speculations, but I think they're reasonable ones (which you might disagree with).

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Gethsis' Hydreigon is hacked :P
Seriously, I bet nobody won from the first time in BW against it. Level 54 Hydreigon that OP cheat >.<
Thanks for the help, I really appriciate it so much. Makes a lot more sense, and i don't even dissagree...