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I keep on going in to the nameless cavern and I cannot capture the lake trio. I have 2 Pokemon with maxed friendship and it is still not working please help if you can.

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Right after you get the Eon Flute, use it and soar. When you're flying, you should see some red twinkles. Fly to one of them. If it says Mirage------ then go there. Just explore around the island, and grab the tm there. Then go back to the nameless cavern and there should be a loop. Hopefully this answers your question. Hope I helped!
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Ps: I don't think you need max happiness on any of your Pokemon :P

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It did not work but i appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help me thanks a lot
No problem :)
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They appear one after the other for each mirage spot update you get. The place is called Nameless Cavern and is located between Sootopolis and Mossdeep

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What do you exactly mean by mirage spot update.
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As said before, you need the Eon Flute from Southern Island. [email protected] doesn't need to be in your party, just in your possession. Soar to Sootopolis and soar around until you find the red sparkle called "Nameless Cavern (I believe)". Land there and enter in. The Hoopa ring should be in there. However, you DO need 3 max happiness Pokemon (I had a whole party of max happiness Pokemon when I caught Mesprit). I believe they are at certain times of day, but I don't think this has been confirmed officially.

Source: http://www.serebii.net/omegarubyalphasapphire/legendary.shtml

This is what I know as far as it goes, so please reply if I am false.

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