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I have 3 max happy Pokemon and I want to the nameless cavern and all it say is a mysterious ring floats in the air
Plz help I need to catch these guys in order to get to giritana to shiny hunt

In a alpha sapphire omega ruby guide I had (official of course) it said to visit at different times a day and different days a week. I didn't put this as an answer cause I'm not entirely sure but this could be the answer you need
I'll try tommarow but today I have tried every hour and no I haven't changed my clock for 6 years
Hm sorry dunno then

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The lake trio can be captured at Nameless Cavern, which can only be accessed by soaring in the sky while there are three or more Pokémon with maximum friendship in the party. Only one member appears at a time, depending on the time of day. Mesprit appears from 4:00 am - 7:59 pm, Uxie from 8:00 pm - 8:59 pm, and Azelf from 9:00 pm - 3:59 am.


Make sure you search for them at these times, and as long as you have 3+ max friendship Pokémon in your party, they should spawn.

Hope this helps! :)

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shouldn't he have encountered at least one of them if all of them combined can appear all 24 hours of the day
I have been going to the ring every hour of the day and the same thing pops up
Yes, he should’ve. I didn’t see his comment. My only guess is that he doesn’t have 3 Pokémon with maxed out friendship in his party...
And I checked with the lady and the latios was at full happiness and the sceptile was at full happy ness and so was greenija
Then I literally have no idea.
Well crap
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I soft reset for because I didnt wanna battle a trainer and I decied to try it one more time it it showed up lol