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I was battling Groudon in The Cave Of Origin today and I got defeated by it. After healing up my Pokemon, I when back to the cave but I couldnt seem to be able to battle him agian, thus being unable to continue the story. Can I battle him again or must I restart the entire game? D :

omg i always see the same questions...

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Somebody asked a similar question and here was my answer

Beat / Catch Groudon
Pretty simple right? Well here's the detailed walkthrough. (PS this could contain small spoilers)
1. Go to Sootopolis City and enter the Cave of Origin
2. Go to the other entrance (it should be on your left)
3. You should notice that the rocks that were there have disappeared allowing you to take a different route
4. Follow it down (it's a straight route so you won't get lost)
5. This will take you to he deepest part of the cavern where groudon is
6. The rest is up to you, faint or catch? (if you choose faint you can always catch it again using this walkthrough 24 hours after you fainted it

If this doesn't work you could always try the same route you took first (the one at the top) and groudon could take you to the deepest part of the cavern yet I don't know.

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There pretty much the same solution, follow those steps