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I heard that Professor Elm is going to call me when I won the Mahagany Town Gym and tell me about the Radio Tower at Goldenrod City, but I can't remember he has? I've been trying to talk with some members of Team Rocket in Goldenrod, because there are a few more than just the guy who is staring at the r-tower, but I don't get any information more than the fact that they're up to take over det tower. I also being visiting the photoguy in the underground, but there's nothing...

Is there something I may have missed or something, I don't get it...


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that is wrong! He calls you after you beat the Blackthorn gym, not the Mahogany gym!

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Okay, but then I need help to get to Blackthorn, because I've got problems with the guy who's blocking route 44...
well, you have to go to the lake of rage and beat team rocket there and catch/defeat the red gyrados
already done that. I've met team rocket in mahogany too, so I don't now what to do next.
then the guy should be gone
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He will call when you exit the mahogany gym. If you beat Pryce and got the badge then will invade and take over.

If you want to check if they are invading then you can check the redio and on every channel it will appear,
Team Rocket Annoucement-Testing, testing 123

To battle team rocket(I was stuck too at this point for a while-___-) go to near the top of the underground place and a team rocket guy will be there and and change you into a team rocket suit.Then go back to the R-tower and try to go upstairs and you rival will come and notice you and you will change you back into yourself. After you go to the top(You need to do alot of other stuff)and beat Archer, He will disband Team Rocket and you will get the silver wing(which unlocks Lugia).
Hope this helps!=)

thats only for heart gold, deary.
no I all ready did that.That was the exact thing I did to beat team rocket