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I keep giving Pokemon there respective mega stones and using Protect, to make sure I get a safe mega, nothing happens. When I don't use Protect, my Pokemon dies.

do I have to attack to mega evolve, or am I doing something else wrong?


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Select Mega Pokemon
When building your team, make sure you select the Mega form.
Eg. Rather than Sceptile, type in Mega Sceptile
Mega Stone
Make sure you give the Pokemon a Mega Stone
Mega Evolve Option
When in battle, the option for Mega Evolution is next to your moves. Tick the box, and your Pokemon should evolve. You get to attack on the same turn that you Mega Evolve, so Mega Evolution does not count as 1 turn.

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ok. i chose mega mewtwo Y and gave him the correct stone, nothing happened
I'm sorry, then I dont know what it could be :c
Did you tick the box that says "Mega Evolution" underneath the moves on the left hand side?
No, would that work?
No... you do NOT click the mega evolution for the Pokemon.... that is completely wrong. You select the normal Pokemon and give it the mega stone and then click the mega evolution option (in battle).....
@Tyrantrum - Yes, if you do that then it should work.
Sorry for such a late reply, #It worked
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When you create a team on Pokemon Showdown you should select the Pokemon as Pokemonname-Mega. If you want mega Alakazam for example you select Alakazam-mega as the Pokemon.