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I want to make an account.

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1. Go here and go to ''Play online''.
2. Then make ''Teambuilder'' for starting make teams.
3. After that, you can battle, this is online, don't need wifi or nothing!
4. Go to ''Choose Name'' and make your name!
5. Go to the Icon where you can see in the top at right, click there and make Register, make a password and done.
6. Have fun!

Also this is the Pokemondb's Pokémon Showdown server! You can battle friends more easy there because it only have 10 people..

Hope this helps!

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But it just says Choose Name
Thanks, want to battle
it doesnt work 'choose name' is the login so u cant register
The name you chose is registered.

If this is your account:



Log in Cancel


If this is someone else's account:

Choose another name
"Wiscash" is registered, try another name