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When I did a random battle my opponent had 3 legendaries :/

That was me lol
no after
im 99% sure that it is as rare as getting any other Pokemon, since there are so many
You forgot about Dunsparce he is the fourth 'Legendary o3o
Just get lucky :D

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Right so. Drawing on my own experience and other users, I've come to the conclusion with Terlor that no NFE Pokemons are included in Random Battles. None of us have ever encountered one.

So going on this assumption;

How many fully evolved Pokemon are there?
- 267 Evolution Chains ( 273 pages on Pokemon Wiki in regards to Evolution Chains, 6 of those are bs. Simple maths)
- 61 non legendary Pokemon that are not part of Evolution Chains (Bulbapedia)
- 50 legendary Pokemon (51 counting Phione) if we do not count forms
= Total amount of 379 (273 + 61 + 51)

This brings to actual chance to be 50/379 (I'm not including Phione)
= 13.19% Chance to get a Legendary in a Match (THIS IS TO GET AT LEAST ONE LEGENDARY)

>[17:29] Sugoi Terlor: can some answer this damn thing already?! http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/204147/what-chance-that-legendary-pokemon-random-battle-showdown
[17:29] Sugoi Terlor: it's so simple
[17:29] Sugoi Terlor: but Smogon is so broken
[17:29] Sir_Mudkippz: Why don't you do it Terlor?
[17:30] Sugoi Terlor: I know the answer
[17:30] +CWegz: I could answer that but I'm too lazy
[17:30] Sugoi Terlor: I just dont want to use "source-experience"
[17:30] +CWegz: like I know how to find an exact percentage, but it requires math
[17:30] +CWegz: and thats gross
[17:30] Sir_Mudkippz: ^
[17:31] %Kazemon: :c
[17:31] Sir_Mudkippz: Leave that to people like Sempi pshhh

Wow guys thanks. ._. I'm so flattered
Also thanks to Kawaii Terlor for helping me out

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We had the longest conversation in private messages about this, im glad you managed to figure it out