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On Pokémon Showdown, when you type /rank [user name], it will show all points in each tier the player has played and it shows W, L and T.
I know W = Wins / L = Loses but what does T mean?

Also I saw some ranks of professional players in OU and they have W-396 / L-318 / T-3 and as you can see, T is really rare!

So I want to know what the T means and how it's possible to have one.

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Just like W=Win and L=Loss, T stands for Tie.
You get a tie if both players forfeit or disconnect.
Also, http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/215881/how-does-a-battle-end-up-as-a-tie?show=215881#q215881

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Why would they leave the game when the opponent already left? Losing points maybe..
Thanks! :D