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I made a team yesterday, and I go on today and it's gone.


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1 Click on teambuilder
2 Click on new team
3 Make a team
4 Name it
5 Click on save

Thats it hope it helps


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thanks, but I thought I clicked save, because I used it in a couple of battles. I'll try it anyways
This is how i do and it works perfecly for me :D
I am using a different computer, that might be the problem
Teams are stored in Cookies, and cookies are stored in your browser so it's essential that you use the same browser you saved the team in for your saved teams to show up.
or another computer
OK, here's what you want to do: Once you have made the team, go to "import" and copy everything in there. Then paste it in someplace secure, like a Pages Document. When your team gets deleted, select "new team" go to "import" then paste the import of the team into the blank space, and click save.