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I want to get some of my other Pokémon such as Treecko and some of my other starters from Pokémon X to the game I'm currently playing Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. How do I trade/transfer Pokémon from X to Alpha Sapphire? Please help me! Thanks! :)


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Method 1

Deposit the Pokemon from XY to Pokemon Bank. Then save and disconnect from Pokemon Bank and put ORAS in the Game Slot. Go back to Pokemon Bank and take out the Pokemon from Bank.

Method 2

You need 2 3DSs for this
It's like how you Poke-Transfer from Pokemon HGSS/DPPT to BW/2. You can trade from XY to ORAS via Infrared.
See here

Without Pokemon Bank and 2 3DSs look here.
It's a little risky in my opinion but its worth a go.

I don't have Pokémon Bank but I sort of need them so I'll risk it maybe
Or you could grab a trusty friend
A ~friendly~ friend.
I am Wigglytuff
Muahahaj •v•