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I see this word everywhere but I have no idea what it actually means.


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Though GAMEBEATER is right (probably :D), you maybe meant pseudo-legendary. It's non-legendary Pokémon with total stats over 600 (but eg. hounds, guardians and golems have only 580). The psuedo-legendaries are: Dragonite, Tyranitar, Metagross, Salamence, Garchomp, and Sazandora.

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Hounds,Guardians and Golems aren't Pseudo-legends
Dragonite,Tyranitar,Salamence,Metagross,Garchomp and Sazandora are Pseudo-legends
I know they aren't. They're just legendaries under 600
So pseudo-legends are legendaries under 600 or normal pokemon who are more than 600?
Quick question, where did the 600 or below come from? I don't really understand it.
It's stats total. If you mean, why 600, I'm really not sure :D
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It's nickname in french.
I comes from the greek word ''ψευδής'' (or ''ψέυτικος'') wich means false, not real.

Eg: SuperFlygon is your Pseudo.

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Sheesh, French......
I speak English!!