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Now, I know that you cant get pseudo legends until late-game, but I traded in pkmn home for some of them: I have Dratini, Bagon, Beldum, and Gible (hidden ability). So I want to know which to use. I personally want to use Bagon but I have a Hawlucha on my team and don't like overlapping types but I wont mind if only 1 type is overlapping. Please include a moveset for it too.

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For in-game, it doesn’t matter too much. You can use pretty much whatever, and it can work out just fine.

What Pokémon is better for your team depends on what the rest of your team is.

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I would go with Garchomp. It has ridiculously high Attack, excellent Speed, and solid HP. Dragon and Ground together hit a great many things in the game neutrally or super effectively, including Raihan, Eternatus, and part of Leon's team. It evolves fully around the 7th Gym. Here's a set:

Garchomp @ Rocky Helmet / Dragon Fang / Soft Sand
Ability: Rough Skin
- Dragon Claw / Outrage
- Earthquake
- Poison Jab / Iron Head
- Stone Edge / Fire Fang / Crunch / anything else

Keep in mind it doesn't matter all that much ingame, you can use whichever you prefer.

Hope I helped!

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@Barbara you actually can, in Sword and Shield. Just give it a Rare Candy. It won't level up, but it'll evolve.
Really? I did not know that. Is it only in Sword and Shield?
Yes, the mechanic was introduced in Sword and Shield, I believe.
so I can evolove my bagon? I think it wont litsten to me until i beat raihan though. Also uhh I traded my hidden ability gabite for my favorite pokemon (zoroark but i traded for zoura tho) and a regular ability gible and forgot to breed the hidden ability one. >-<
@Tizzoy I think that would be fine. There are a few battles - like Raihan's - where a sandstorm is present. Sand Veil would be immense help in those.