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I want to give a Spell Tag to my potential Spiritomb, but l don't even know how to get one... how can you get one?

(+) By the way, it's supposed to be an item that powers up Ghost type moves by 20%.

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I'm not even sure if it's obtainable in Soul Silver by the way... but l want a way to transfer it, so if you know how to get a Spell Tag in the other games, lemme know anyways.

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According to Serebii, its in Celadon City. But it doesn't tell you where it is. It is obtainable in Diamond/Pearl in Route 217. In Platinum its obtainable in Route 217 and in the Lost Tower. Here is the Info:


If I remember right, it was the Ghost story guy.
You mean in the Condo something?!
Is that where you get it?!
Every time l happen to stop by, it's never evening time, and l always forget about it later, thank you very much!