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I was wondering when the arceus event will be happening in America because I see a bunch of videos of it on the internet... for HG/SS.
Thanks if you can answer.


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That event has past already since last year. You can only obtain it by Hacking the game, which can Glitch or wreck your game or trading a Pokemon for the LV 100 Arceus.

Hope this helps..

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Well I didn't get the movie 14 arceus or whatever started it, but I got HG in december, but I took my level 100 arceus from my pearl, and it still didn't work. But thanks anyways.
It has to be a Movie 14 Arceus
Well thanks... but serbii was saying that you could use a arceus from a different game and that it still works. But I guess you can't believe everything on the internet.
But thanks again.