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In Pokemon ORAS, how much soot would you get from running through a single pile? It would be useful to know. Also, how do you check how much soot you have collected?

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I think you go to the Soot Collector and he tells you how many steps you need.

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When you walk through the soot, you can get from 5 to 15 grams (which is common) or 20 to 100 grams (which is rare), when you discover an item under the soot, you get 3 to 4 grams, and when there's a Ninja Kid under the soot, you get no soot.

When you talk to the Soot Man he'll give you a list of items that he can make out of soot
The minimum you need is 200 grams, and the maximum amount you need to get the Elegant desk (which requires the most soot) is 8000 grams.
There's no real way of finding out the actual amount of soot you have, but you can assume how much you have by what the Soot Man tells you (whether you have enough for an item or not)


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Walk through the soot: 5-15 grams. Common.
Walk through the soot: 20-100 grams. Rare
Discover an Item under soot: 3-4 grams.
Encounter a Trainer hidden in soot: 0 grams.

Blue Flute: 200 grams
Yellow Flute: 500 grams
Red Flute: 500 grams
White Flute: 1000 grams
Black Flute: 1000 grams
Elegant Chair: 6000 grams
Elegant Desk: 8000 grams.

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its k its within a short period of time