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Say I'm in Mt. Pyre EV training my Dratini for Attack. It is holding a Power Bracer.

I don't want 252 in that stat, so I need to know how much the horde will give off when I Earthquake them all with my Rhyperior and then my XP Share kicks in.

I don't know if it just adds on 5 points after the battle (resulting in a total of 10 EVs yielded, which I could just use a Macho Brace for) or if it gives off 5 points after the defeat of each Pokemon (resulting in a much more effective 30 yielded).


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Alright, since you are EV training for attack in your scenario, I will use Shuppet as an example since it has one point for the attack stat per Shuppet fainted. With the Power Bracer held, four points will be added to the one point that each Shuppet gives off, leading to five points per Shuppet in that stat. If you Pokémon has Pokérus, the end result will be doubled, leading to ten points gained in attack per Shuppet. With this information, a Horde of Shuppets will give you 25 EV's for a Pokémon with a Power Bracer defeating a Shuppet Horde, since a horde will have five Shuppets. If it has Pokérus, 50 Attack EV's will be gained in attack per horde. If you were to fight a Vulpix horde (1 EV Point in Speed), you would gain one point in speed and four points in attack per Vulpix, and two points in speed and eight points in attack with Pokérus. That should give you a basic sense of how a Power Bracer works with a horde.

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thanx for the clarification!
You are very welcome!