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I know it is a type of ability and all, but what exactly is it, how do you get it, what games is it in, and does it do anything special or something different than the first and second ability?


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It is an ability, just to clarify. It is an ability that is harder to get and generally better than the other ability/abilities.

They are in every main Pokemon game from Gen V onwards (not sure about spin-off games) and just do something different to a Pokemon.

For example: Talonflame's normal ability is Flame Body. If you make contact with it, it has a 30% chance to burn you.

But Talonflame can also have the ability Gale Wings. This ability will give all of Talonflame's flying moves priority. Priority means that they go ahead of other moves.

There are different ways to get Hidden Abilities in every game. In X/Y (where talonflame is found) you can find a HA Fletchinder in the friend safari. You evolve it to talonflame and you have a HA Talonflame.

I think this covers it, but if you have any other questions please ask in comments!

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A hidden ability is an ability gained rarely or with difficulty, in ORAS you obtain with DexNav, in X/Y with Friend Safari, and in B-W with dream radar (I bayleef). They are different abilities just like normal that are rare to find on that certain Pokemon. You can't just find a Pokemon with that ability randomly in the wild.
Hope this helped! :D