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Pokemon such as Dragalge, Aurorus, and Serperior have hidden abilities that you can't get onto them. So how do sites like this and Bulbapedia know what they are? Via hacking? Please help.


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We know about them for a few reasons.

A) We can access the game's data. This allows us to see some abilities such as Contrary Serperior or Shadow Tag Chandelure in Gen5 (now Infiltrator).

B) Some Pokemon in Battle ___ have them. For example, an Aurorus with Snow Warning is used in the Battle Facility in Kiloude City.

C) You can hack Pokemon with HAs into games with PowerSaves. Hence, some ugly people have Adaptability Dragalge.

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Couple more things: 1) Hacking devices such as PowerSaves can create pokemon with HA's (hence I have an Adaptability Draglage :3)
2) Chandelures HA changed from Shadow Tag to Infiltrator in gen 6. Get with the times Scraffeh :P
2) Used as an example lel
Thanks for letting me know. :)