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As far as I've learned, "genning" is hacking the game to create Pokémon with specific IV's, EV's abilities, moves, etc. And "unreleased" means the ability cannot be obtained through regular gameplay. But, since genning is a form of hacking, and the abilities are in the code, would a genner be able to create a Pokémon with his unreleased HA?

Pokegen is useless since they shut down Wi-Fi for the Gen 5 games.
Yeah, chibi is right. :/
Lots of quotation "marks".

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Yes. You would be able to get a Pokemon like Shadow Tag Chandelure, except there is one problem: WiFi and the GTS are shut down for Generation 4 and 5 games. This means that PokeGen is now useless, seeing as it ran off of WiFi connecting and supporting the exact games that have been shut down.

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Thanks! I thought it was a way of hacking or fandom term, not a program. Will it be released for XY? The reason I ask is cause I'm trying to get a Rock Head Tyrantrum ingame, which is impossible without hacking.
Possibly. I'm not sure yet :P
When we find the godforsaken data for the games, I assume that is when a Gen VI PokeGen will be released, since PokeGen manipulates the internal data of the games in order to hack and stuff. Assuming this hidden data wait has already taken over seven months, it shouldn't take too much longer now. :P