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Hey guys, I've been SRing 10852 times and I have questions for obtaining a shiny starter. So must the correct ID come with the correct nature because I have been SRing for a while and I noticed that the nature changes. Please help, I wanna shiny starter in my Pokemon Emerald T^T?

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Shininess is based on a Pokemon's Trainer ID, Secret ID and Personality Value.
The equation used is:

>(TrainerID xor SecretID) xor (PersonalityValue*>>16 xor (PersonalityValue* mod 65536))
First 16 bits of PV.
**Last 16 bits of PV.

I don't understand what any of that says, but the resulting number of that equation is a number between 0 and 65355. If the result of the equation is 8 or below, it's shiny. That's an 8/65355 chance of it appearing, or more commonly known as 1/8192.

You can't really control it, but that's the science behind the Shiny Pokemon in in Gen III.

Hope I helped. :)