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So, you know when you're sneaking around, you'll see Pokemon parts sticking up out off the grass.
Now, I've noticed that some of these parts differ per Pokemon.

You can easily tell that this is a Zigzagoon:

enter image description here

And that this is a Pikachu
enter image description here

But for some other Pokemon, their 'tail sprites' don't match up to the Pokemon very well. So, how many different tail sprites are there and how do they match to the Pokemon body styles?

It may be like surfing/diving, where only certain Pokémon have individual sprites and the rest have "canned" sprites.
Yeah, but HOW do they match up?
What do you mean? I'm saying that only a select few Pokémon get an over world sprite that looks like them, while the rest get a shadowy blob, just like surfing.
No, like I've seen wingull get wing-ish type things. Shadowy, but distinctive.
This is gonna be the next "how do we know what type a friend safari will be?" because its really complex. Well, i guess this one will at least get an answer eventually
Actually, this question is no-where near as complex as that.

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The Pokémon that didn't get a special sprite will have a sprite similar to what their form shape would come under in the pokédex. I just tend to use the actual DexNav itself to determine the Pokémon I'm sneaking up on, it gives a proper silhouette of the Pokémon in question.

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