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First I got the code for diancie and receive a gift. I did not know that I can do L + R + start and select the nature. Then I got 1 more code. But I cant enter it, becouse I have already received mystery gift.
Does anyone know how to remove the previous gift?


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I couldn't find anything on the internet, but this should work:

Step 1

Open your game and select "Mystery Gift" from the Title Screen.

Step 2

Open the record book of all the mystery Gifts you have recieved.

Step 3

Select the Mystery Gift card of Diancie.

Step 4

Delete the card.

Theoretically, once you delete the Diance card, the game has no proof that you already gave a code, therefore you can put in a new one. If this answer is considered incomplete or doesn't have enough proof, I can hide it or convert it to a comment.

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It might be a good idea to test it yourself or find a source who has tested it. Otherwise, convert it to a comment.
Will do.